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Let’s talk provides a platform to share your experience and connect with other patients. By taking part in research surveys, you can:

  • Share knowledge about disease, treatments and practices around health conditions.
  • Get connected with others who have similar health conditions and share your experience.
  • Contribute to the overall knowledge of diseases and treatments, influencing brand development and new medicines.
  • Earn cash, receive gifts and special offers

Tell us about your health and answer all the questions so we could send you the right surveys.


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Taking Surveys

You will receive invitations to surveys that fit your profile. In your self-serve portal, you will be able to withdraw the credits you earned, see new survey opportunities and change your information.

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Welcome to Let's Talk!

Let's Talk is an online survey rewards community specialized in qualitative and quantitative market research with patients. With offices in Canada and the UK, Let’s Talk offers a range of research techniques and consulting services to meet your individual requirements. We help full service agencies, consultants, boutique agencies, pharma and biotech companies in full service research, concept and study design, sampling, fieldwork, survey scripting and data processing using quantitative and qualitative standard and non-standard techniques.

  • We believe each study is a partnership and our goal is to partner with our clients and build long-term relationships.
  • We believe in working closely with each client while offering personalized services, attention to detail and a timely delivery.
  • We believe we must go above and beyond traditional research and aim to exceed expectations every time.
  • We believe we must be accountable and must deliver high quality services.
We are passionate about market research!
  • A network of proprietary panels allowing us to conduct projects quickly and efficiently with own resources, no outsourcing.
  • Flexible pricing options whilst maintaining high quality, integrity & security.

  • Understanding nuances of culture, language and lifestyle - how it differs from market to market.
  • A wealth of experience and industry knowledge.
  • Strong relationships with our clients, partners, and community members.